Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Israeli Research and Deutero-Isaiah

The header for an article published earlier today reads: "An Israeli algorithm sheds light on the Bible"; and yes, it's about the great author-attribution debate of the Bible. The researchers have had quite some success matching today's traditional scholars' views on who wrote what parts of the Bible using a computer-run algorithm of sorts, "'effectively recreating years of work by multiple scholars in minute,' said Moshe Koppel of Bar Ilan University near Tel Aviv, the computer science professor who headed the research team."

But what's weird and annoying and frustrating and WRONG is that it makes NO MENTION of Deutero-Isaiah. None!!

Ha, just kidding. The research supported Deutero-Isaiah:
"Similarly, the book of Isaiah is largely thought to have been written by two distinct authors, with the second author taking over after Chapter 39. The software's results agreed that the book might have two authors, but suggested the second author's section actually began six chapters earlier, in Chapter 33."

Google search "Deutero-Isaiah USU Shaft" if you're unfamiliar with the Mormon-critical implications.

But how credible is this method?

"Before applying the software to the Pentateuch and other books of the Bible, the researchers first needed a more objective test to prove the algorithm could correctly distinguish one author from another.

So they randomly jumbled the Hebrew Bible's books of Ezekiel and Jeremiah into one text and ran the software. It sorted the mixed-up text into its component parts "almost perfectly," the researchers announced."

Also, it's an extremely solid match with current scholars:
"When the new software was run on the Pentateuch, it found the same division, separating the "priestly" and "non-priestly" [authors]. It matched up with the traditional academic division at a rate of 90 percent...said Moshe Koppel of Bar Ilan University near Tel Aviv, the computer science professor who headed the research team."

I wait in somewhat-indifferent patience for Maxwell's response. Indifference, because seriously. If you are this far in the Mormon debate, you've either lost faith already or shelved half the information out there.

And patience, because who gives a damn? I'd rather hear a Maxwell statement that says something along the lines of "Mormon church changes morals concerning gay marriage, and here's why that's just goddamn fine," or any of the other outdated values they have (definitely not all of them are).

But if you're still pissed off at the church for violating you into a living Hell, and knowing how false they are isn't much help: just say hasa diga Eebowai! (from The Book of Mormon musical). But only in an ironic/satirical way. If that's not possible, then in your head.

Or on the rooftops.

I'd understand (unlike your neighbors).

Also, the Church could be true. But only if God's on their side.
Standard Mormon/non-Mormon caveats apply.

Have fun. I promise not to get this off-topic from the original post again.

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